Basic Rules - How to Play Edit

(From the play mat in the starter set.)

Setup Phase:

- Shuffle your deck. (You should have at least 50 cards with up to 4 copies of any single card)

- Deal out 8 cards, face up, into two rows of 4. These are your Front and Rear Ranks.

- Decide which player will go first.

One-on-One Combat Phase:

1. Each player draws 2 cards from his deck and holds them UPSIDE-DOWN to see the 3 Boost Numbers.

2. The first player choose who fights:

- Choose a right-side up soldier from your front rank.

- Choose any soldiers from your opponent's front rank.

- Turn both sideways (also called Tapping) to show they are fighting.

3. Play 1 of your 2 Boost cards from your hand face down in front of you. Your opponent does the same. Then you both show your Boost cards at the same time.

4. Find your total Power:

- Look at your soldier's Power.

- Find the number on your Boost card that matches your soldier's color.

- Add the Boost number to the Power. The higest total wins!

5. After the fight:

- Discard the soldier that lost.

- Discard BOTH used Boost cards (yours and your opponent's).

- If there was a soldier behind the losing side's soldier, move that card up to the front rank.

6. Now the second player starts a One-on-One combat. He chooses the soldiers who will fight. You'll each only have 1 Boost card left to play, but other wise everything is the same.

After 2 One-on-One combats, it's time for a team Firefight!

Team Firefight Phase:

7. Both of you get Firefight cards:

- Count how many solders you have on the table.

- Count that number of cards from your deck.

- Flip those cards sideways and look at the Hits (Bullets) on each card.

8. The first player uses all their Firefight cards:

- Choose a front-rank enemy soldier.

- Choose Firefight cards with enough total HITS to equal or beat that soldiers POWER.

- Put those Firefight cards on top of the enemy soldier.

- Keep putting Firefight cards on the front-rank enemy soldiers until you run out of cards.

- Put the defeated enemy soldiers into your opponent's discard pile.

- Put all your firefight cards (including any leftovers) into your discard pile.

9. Now the second player uses all his Firefight cards the same way.

10. Move any soldiers up from the back rank (if there's nobody in front of them).

Now start a new turn! Go back to step 1 and draw 2 cards. The same player still goes first.

How to Win:

Continue until one player has no soldiers left. The player who still has at least one soldier on the table wins!

Advanced Rules Edit

See the attached rule book. File:Rulebook.pdf

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