APC - Armored Personnel CarrierAce - Fighter PilotAgent Faces - Infiltrator
Agent Jinx - Martial Arts ExpertAgent Jinx - Ninja/Intelligence AgentAir Assault - Stealth Glider
Aleph - Night Creeper LeaderAlley Viper - Urban Assault SpecialistAnnihilator - Destro's Airborne Assault Trooper
Armored BAT - Battle Android TrooperArmored Strike SetBAT v 1.0 - Battle Android Trooper
BAT v 2.0 - Battle Android TrooperBAT v 2.1 - Battle Android TrooperBackblast - Anti-Aircraft Soldier
Barbecue - FirefighterBaroness - Intelligence OfficerBarrel Roll - High-Altitude Sniper
Base SetBeachhead - Drill InstructorBig Ben - SAS Fighter
Big Boa - TrainerBlackout - SniperBlowtorch - Flamethrower
Brawler - Heavily Armed Attack VehicleCAT II - Crimson Attack TankCLAWS Commander - Combat Weapons Specialist
Chief Torpedo - Navy SEALCobra CLAWS - Combat Weapons SpecialistCobra Coils - High-Speed-Pursuit Driver
Cobra Commander - Enemy LeaderCobra Commander - Ruthless DespotCobra Commander - Sinister Dictator
Cobra Commander - Sinister Dictator (S69)Cobra Glider - One-Man Aerial CraftCobra Infantry Trooper - Infantry
Cobra Squad Leader - Infantry OfficerCopperhead - Cobra Naval CommanderCopperhead - Swamp Boat Pilot
Cover Girl - Heavy-Ordnance DriverCrimson Command Copter - Assault HelicopterCrimson Guard - Elite Trooper
Crimson Guard Driver - Elite Tank OfficerCrimson Guard Immortal - Elite TrooperCrimson Guard Veteran - Elite Trooper
Croc Master - Reptile TrainerCross Hair - Infiltrator/SniperCutter - Coast Guard Specialist
Dart - PathfinderDecimator - Amphibious Assault OperatorDepth Charge - Underwater Demolitions Specialist
Desert Cobra CLAWS - Combat Weapons SpecialistDesert Coyote - Off-Road Assault VehicleDestro - Munitions Expert
Destro - Weapons SupplierDial Tone - Communications ExpertDice - Bo Staff Ninja
Double Clutch - Vehicle DriverDr. Mindbender - Evil GeniusDuke - Field Commander
Duke - First SergeantDuke - First Sergeant (S13)Duke - Joe Team Leader
Dusty - Desert TrooperFANG III - Fully Armed Negator GyrocopterFirefly - Saboteur
Flak-Viper - Anti-Armor TrooperFlint - Helicopter PilotFlint - Warrant Officer
Free Fall - ParatrooperG.I.Joe TCG WikiGreenshirt Coast Guard - Joe Recruit
Greenshirt Commando - Joe RecruitGreenshirt Communication - Joe RecruitGreenshirt Diver - Joe Recruit
Greenshirt Infantry - Joe RecruitGreenshirt Marine - Joe RecruitGreenshirt Mechanic - Joe Recruit
Greenshirt Medic - Joe RecruitGreenshirt Paratrooper - Joe RecruitGreenshirt Ranger - Joe Recruit
Greenshirt Rifleman - Joe RecruitGreenshirt Sailor - Joe RecruitGrunt - Infantry Trooper
Gung-Ho - Front-Line MarineGung-Ho - MarineHEAT Viper - High-Explosive Anti-Tank Trooper
HISS Tank - High-Speed SentryHammerhead - Sea TankHard Drive - Battlefield Computer Specialist
Heavy Duty - Heavy-Ordnance TrooperHeavy Duty - Tank CommanderHeavy Water - Radiological Weapons Specialist
Hi-Tech - Operations Support SpecialistHotwire - BAT MechanicInferno BAT - Battle Android Trooper
Interrogator - Helicopter PilotIron Grenadier - Destro's Elite TrooperKiller WHALE - Hovercraft
Lady Jaye - Covert Operations AgentLamprey - Amphibious Assault SpecialistLamprey Defender - Shoreline Guard
Laser-Viper - Laser TrooperLaser-Viper Leader - Cobra OfficerLaser-Viper Recruit - Laser Trooper
Law & Order - M.P. & K.9.Lifeline - MedicLow Light - Infrared Sniper
Low Light - Night SpotterMajor Bludd - Hired GunMajor Bludd - Mercenary Officer
Mantis Sub - One-Man Deep-Sea UnitMega-Armored BAT - Battle Android TrooperMirage - Weapons Expert
Miscellaneous CardsMissile-Storm Copter - One-Man Strike HelicopterMoray Hydrofoil - High-Speed Sea Cruiser
Moray Infiltrator - FrogmanMoray Officer - FrogmanMoray Recruit - Frogman
Muskrat - Heavy-Fire SpecialistNeo-Viper - Infantry OfficerNeo-Viper Commander - Infantry Officer
Night-Attack Chopper - Assault HelicopterNight Creeper - Ninja TrooperNight Creeper Initiate - Ninja Trooper
Night Vulture - Air-Recon TrooperNunchuck - Martial Arts ExpertOutback - Survivalist
Over Kill - BAT LeaderPatriot Grizzly - Armored Main Battle VehiclePsyche-Out - Deceptive Warfare Specialist
RAM - Rapid-Fire MotorcycleRampart - Shoreline DefenderRange-Viper - Wilderness Trooper
Range-Viper Recruit - Wilderness TrooperRattler - VTOL - Tank BusterRecoil - Long Range Recon Patrol
Recondo - Jungle TrooperRed Spot - Laser TrooperRip Cord - HALO Jumper
Roadblock - Combat Camo-SoldierRoadblock - Heavy Machine GunnerRock 'N' Roll - Machine Gunner
Rock Viper - Mountain TrooperRulesSAW Viper - Machine Gunner
SAW Viper Recruit - Machine GunnerSalvo - Anti-Armor TrooperScalpel - Medic
Scarlett - Counterintelligence AgentSci-Fi - Laser TrooperScoop - Information Specialist
Scrap-Iron - Anti-Armor SpecialistScrap-Iron - Munitions Field TesterSergeant Major - Iron Grenadier Officer
Sgt. Hacker - Information Retrieval AgentShadow Viper - Counterintelligence TrooperShark 9000 - Submersible High-Speed Craft
Shipwreck - Navy SEALShipwreck - SailorShipwreck - Sea Dog
Short-Fuze - Mortar SoldierSideswipe - Medical SpecialistSkull Buster - Range-Viper Leader
Skystriker - Jet FighterSlice - Ninja SwordsmanSnake Eyes - Commando
Snake Eyes - Covert Mission SpecialistSnow Job - Arctic TrooperSnow Serpent - Polar Assault Trooper
Snow Serpent Commander - Cobra OfficerSpearhead - Point ManSpirit Iron-Knife - Tracker
Stinger - Night-Attack JeepStorm Shadow - NinjaStorm Shadow - Ninja Leader
Sure Fire - Military PoliceTARGAT - Trans-Atmospheric Rapid Global Assault TrooperTele-Viper - Communications Specialist
Tomax - Elite Trooper CommanderTripwire - Mine DetectorTunnel Rat - Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Undertow - FrogmanVenom Cycle - Off-Road MotorcycleVenomous Maximus - Evilution Commander (P1)
Viper - InfantryViper Grunt - InfantryViper Thug - Infantry
Vypra - Jeep DriverWater Moccasin - Swamp CruiserWave Crusher - Personal Watercraft
Wet-Suit - Navy SEALWide Scope - Special Weapons/Tactics ExpertWild Bill - Scout
Wild Weasel - PilotXamot - Elite Trooper CommanderZap - Bazooka Soldier
Zartan - ChameleonZartan - Master of Disguise
File:Ace.JPGFile:Agent faces.jpgFile:Agent jinx1.jpg
File:Agent jinx2.jpgFile:Air assault.jpgFile:Aleph.jpg
File:Alley viper.jpgFile:Annihilator.jpgFile:Apc.jpg
File:Armored bat.jpgFile:Backblast.jpgFile:Barbecue.JPG
File:Baroness.jpgFile:Barrel roll.jpgFile:Bat v1.jpg
File:Bat v2.0.jpgFile:Bat v2.1.jpgFile:Beachhead.jpg
File:Big ben.jpgFile:Big boa.jpgFile:Blackout.JPG
File:CC-dictator.jpgFile:CG.jpgFile:CG immortal.jpg
File:Cat ii.jpgFile:Cc-enemy leader.jpgFile:Cc-s69.jpg
File:Cc - ruthless despot.JPGFile:Cg vet.jpgFile:Chief torpedo.jpg
File:Claws commander.jpgFile:Cobra claws.jpgFile:Cobra coils.jpg
File:Cobra glider.jpgFile:Cobra infantry trooper.jpgFile:Cobra squad leader.jpg
File:Copperhead-swamp boat pilot.jpgFile:Copperhead - naval comm.JPGFile:Cover girl.jpg
File:Crimson copter.JPGFile:Crimson guard driver.jpgFile:Croc master.JPG
File:Cross hair.jpgFile:Cutter.jpgFile:Dart.jpg
File:Decimator.jpgFile:Depth charge.jpgFile:Desert cobra claws.jpg
File:Desert coyote.JPGFile:Destro munitions expert.jpgFile:Destro weapons supplier.jpg
File:Dial tone.jpgFile:Dice.jpgFile:Double clutch.jpg
File:Dr mindbender.jpgFile:Duke-first sergeant-hf.jpgFile:Duke-first sergeant.jpg
File:Duke - field commander.JPGFile:Duke JTL.jpgFile:Dusty.jpg
File:Fang iii.jpgFile:Favicon.icoFile:Firefly.JPG
File:Flak-viper.jpgFile:Flint-helicopter pilot.jpgFile:Flint - wo.JPG
File:Flint pilot.jpgFile:Free fall.jpgFile:Greenshirt coast guard.gif
File:Greenshirt commando.jpgFile:Greenshirt communications.gifFile:Greenshirt diver.jpg
File:Greenshirt infantry.gifFile:Greenshirt marine.gifFile:Greenshirt mechanic.jpg
File:Greenshirt medic.jpgFile:Greenshirt paratrooper.gifFile:Greenshirt ranger.gif
File:Greenshirt rifleman.gifFile:Greenshirt sailor.gifFile:Grunt.jpg
File:Gung ho front-line.jpgFile:Gung ho marine.jpgFile:Hammerhead.JPG
File:Hard drive.JPGFile:Heat viper.jpgFile:Heavy duty - tank comm.JPG
File:Heavy duty ordnance.jpgFile:Heavy water.jpgFile:Hi-tech.jpg
File:Hiss tank.JPGFile:Hotwire.jpgFile:Inferno BAT.jpg
File:Interrogator.jpgFile:Iron grenadier.jpgFile:Joes-0.jpg
File:Killer whale.JPGFile:Lady jaye.jpgFile:Lamprey.jpg
File:Lamprey defender.jpgFile:Laser-viper.jpgFile:Laser-viper leader.jpg
File:Laser-viper recruit.jpgFile:Law and order.jpgFile:Lifeline.jpg
File:Low light-sniper.jpgFile:Low light-spotter.jpgFile:Major bludd hg.jpg
File:Major bludd merc.jpgFile:Mantis sub.jpgFile:Mega-armored bat.jpg
File:Mirage.jpgFile:Missile-storm copter.jpgFile:Moray hydrofoil.jpg
File:Moray infiltrator.JPGFile:Moray officer.jpgFile:Moray recruit.jpg
File:Muskrat.jpgFile:Neo-viper.jpgFile:Neo-viper commander.jpg
File:Night-attack chopper.JPGFile:Night creeper.jpgFile:Night creeper initiate.jpg
File:Night vulture.jpgFile:Nunchuck.jpgFile:Outback.jpg
File:Over kill.jpgFile:Patriot grizzly.JPGFile:Psyche-out.JPG
File:Range-viper recruit.jpgFile:Rattler.JPGFile:Recoil.jpg
File:Recondo.jpgFile:Red spot.jpgFile:Rip cord.jpg
File:Roadblock - hmg.JPGFile:Roadblock camo.jpgFile:Roadblock heavy.jpg
File:Rock n roll.jpgFile:Rock viper.jpgFile:Rulebook.pdf
File:Salvo.jpgFile:Saw viper.jpgFile:Saw viper recruit.jpg
File:Scoop.jpgFile:Scrap-iron aas.jpgFile:Scrap-iron munitions.jpg
File:Sergeant major.jpgFile:Sgt hacker.jpgFile:Shadow viper.jpg
File:Shark 9000.jpgFile:Shipwreck sailor.jpgFile:Shipwreck seadog.jpg
File:Shipwreck seal.jpgFile:Short-fuze.jpgFile:Sideswipe.jpg
File:Skull buster.jpgFile:Skystriker.JPGFile:Slice.jpg
File:Snake eyes1.jpgFile:Snake eyes2.jpgFile:Snow job.jpg
File:Snow serpent.jpgFile:Snow serpent commander.jpgFile:Spearhead.jpg
File:Spirit.jpgFile:Stinger.jpgFile:Storm shadow-ninja.jpg
File:Storm shadow-ninja leader.jpgFile:Sure fire.jpgFile:Targat.jpg
File:Tunnel rat.jpgFile:Undertow.jpgFile:Venom cycle.jpg
File:Venomous maximus.jpgFile:Viper.jpgFile:Viper grunt.jpg
File:Viper thug.jpgFile:Vypra.jpgFile:Water moccasin.jpg
File:Wave crusher.jpgFile:Wet suit.jpgFile:Wide scope.jpg
File:Wiki-wordmark.pngFile:Wild bill.jpgFile:Wild weasel.jpg
File:Xamot.jpgFile:Zap.jpgFile:Zartan - chameleon.JPG
File:Zartan - master of disguise.JPG
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